Norwegian Sunset
Machu Picchu
Smokey Mountains
I am a former teacher and technical communications professional who lives in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. I am passionate about writing and photography. My writing portfolio includes essays, humor articles, and feature articles, which have appeared in a number of publications including Philadelphia Stories, Willow Review, the Jewish Writing Project, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Every Day Fiction. I am a proud member of the Bucks County Writers Workshop.

I am also passionate about the music of my sons Jesse and Jeremy, who are both professional musicians.
Jesse is a singer-songwriter who lives in Oakland. He and his partner, Genna Giacobassi perform at venues around the country. You can learn more about them and hear some of their music here.

Jeremy, who lives in Philadelphia, is involved in a number of musical enterprises. You can visit Jeremy's web page or check out his various projects, including  Alo Brasil (a Brazilian band), Animus (a middle-eastern band - you can see a video of him playing tabla with the band), and Blivit (his rock band). You can listen to an excerpt of the composition he did for a dressage freestyle competition (dressage is an equestrian event).
My short story Finding Her Voice was published in the Willow Review and When She Could Fly appeared in Philadelphia Stories.

Three poems These Words Are Not Written, I Never Asked, and Silent Meditation, have been published on the Jewish Writing Project website.

Manfred's Other Cheek, a flash fiction piece, appears on the Every Day Fiction website.